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The Youth Solutions Report

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The Youth Solutions Report , one of SDSN Youth’s exciting new initiatives, aims to identify and celebrate youth organizations, youth-led projects and ground breaking ideas that are successfully working towards achieving the SDGs. There are lots of ways for your networks to get involved, for example by:

  • Encouraging people from your networks to submit their own Solutions through the website ( Ideally, it would be great if each of the SDSN Networks could come up with at least three Solutions to recommend specifically for inclusion in the Report. While this does not guarantee a successful application (a high-level Advisory Panel will be tasked with evaluating the Solutions), it represents a great opportunity for young innovators on the ground to have access to the platform, and every effort will be made to showcase their projects beyond the Report itself (e.g. through the soon-to-be-launched SDSN Solutions website).

  • Disseminating the Report and circulating it within your network and on social media in order to present the Solutions contained in it to the widest possible audience of investors and supporters.

  • Organize events in which the Report can be presented locally and young innovators can be invited to showcase their projects.

Please find attached more information on this initiative including a 2-pager explaining the project, the Report’s user guide, and the media kit for dissemination. Feel free to share these with all stakeholders and potential supporters and don’t hesitate to ask for further questions at


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It is a network that aims to mobilize local knowledge in the search and creation of practical and viable solutions to the challenges related to the sustainable development of Pan-Amazon.


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