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Participation in SDSN Amazon is open to universities, research centers, civil society organizations, government institutions, and companies willing to actively participate in the conception, research, development, and implementation of solutions for sustainable development in the Amazon.

Instituições Latinoamericanas firmam aliança para implementação dos ODS

Who can be a member

SDSN Amazon Member

Membership is open to universities, research institutions, foundations, or civil society organizations from the Amazon Basin countries (Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, French Guiana, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela) that are mobilizing efforts to promote solutions for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Amazon.

SDSN Youth Amazon Member

Membership is open to accredited university student associations, youth-led organizations and networks, youth-focused organizations, youth movements, with initiatives focused on one or more sustainable development themes on their respective campus, community, city, country in the Amazon region.

Why to become a member

By becoming a member of SDSN Amazônia, you will join a unique group of institutions that contribute to solving challenges for sustainable development. The network provides networking opportunities, knowledge exchange, support in mobilizing resources for initiatives and solutions, international visibility, and allows members to get involved in important debates at the regional, national and global levels.


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How to become a member

SDSN Amazon Member

Registration for SDSN Amazon membership is simple and free! Just fill out the online application form and submit. Our Network Strategy Council reviews applications quarterly.

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SDSN Youth Amazon

To become a member of the SDSN Youth Amazon, simply fill out the online application form to register your membership request. Applications for membership in the SDSN Youth Amazon member organizations are open all year round.

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It is a network that aims to mobilize local knowledge in the search and creation of practical and viable solutions to the challenges related to the sustainable development of Pan-Amazon.


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