SDSN Amazonia Award

The SDSN Amazônia Award, promoted periodically, is one of the initiatives that SDSN Amazonia leads to recognize and give visibility to the solutions developed by its members to face the most challenging problems of sustainable development in the Amazon. The Award aims to stimulate and disseminate successful practices and to recognize them as effective and viable solutions for the sustainable development of the region, serving as a model for the countries of the Amazon region and several regions of the world.

2021 SDSN Amazonia Award

The 2021 SDSN Amazonia Award aims to honor the “Solutions for a New Amazon Bioeconomy” that are being implemented by the organization members of the Network to boost the Amazon Bioeconomy, and thus, propose an economic alternative to the main pressures and unsustainable economic activities in the region. The fourth edition of the Award is being held in partnership with the Amazon Green Economy and Bioeconomy Hub, the Foundation for Amazon Sustainability (FAS) and, the Green Economy Coalition (GEC) and the Friends of the Amazon Institute (iAMA) as funders.


About the Award

SDSN Amazonia is looking for the best solutions – innovative projects, technologies, scientific research, business models, institutional mechanisms, educational models, policy instruments, or a combination thereof – being implemented by its Network members to boost the Amazon Bioeconomy.

Who can participate

The Award is targeted to members of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), SDSN Amazonia, and SDSN Youth Amazonia. For organizations that are not yet members of the SDSN and want to participate in the call, they can apply through this link.

How to participate

Candidates should complete the online form by the established deadline. Before completing the form, please read the award guidelines carefully and check if your solution fits the requirements of the call.


1. The solutions approved by the Technical-Scientific Committee will be published in the SDSN Amazônia Sustainable Solutions Platform (

2. The approved initiatives will be disseminated in a trilingual publication (Portuguese, Spanish and English) of the fourth edition of the SDSN Amazonia Award

3. The 5 finalist solutions will participate in a virtual award event with the presence of sustainability experts from the Amazon

4. Announcement of the winners on the website and social networks of SDSN Amazonia, the Amazon Green Economy and Bioeconomy Hub and partners

5. The first place will be awarded with 3 thousand dollars, the second with 2 thousand dollars and the third, with 1 thousand dollars.



Previous editions


The SDSN Amazonia Award was launched in 2014, at COP 20 in Lima, with the proposal to identify and recognize the best socio-environmental solutions related to the sustainable development of the Amazon. A committee of experts judged 10 finalists and selected three organizations in the categories of Education, Protected Area Management, and Infrastructure.

The winners were the Association of Rural Family Homes of the State of Pará (Arcafar/Pará), Coca-Cola Brazil Institute (Amazonas) and Ikiam Amazon Regional University (Ecuador). The announcement took place during the Amazon Solutions Day at COP 21 in 2015.


The second edition of the SDSN Amazon Award was held in 2019, with the theme of “Innovative solutions for the SDSN Amazon Solutions Platform.” In all, 24 solutions participated in the award, with 14 from Brazil, four from Ecuador, four from Peru, one solution from Colombia, and one from Bolivia.

The NGO Amazons for the Amazon (AMPA), from Peru, won the award with the initiative “Gastronomy with a taste for conservation”. Besides the winning project, the other two winners received honorable mentions for the quality of their projects: Incubation and Acceleration Program of the Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA) and Meliponiculture: Social Technology for Traditional Peoples and Communities of the Amazon, from the Peabiru Institute.



In its third edition, the SDSN Amazônia Award addressed the theme “Sustainable solutions to face the COVID-19 in the Amazon”, in response to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. Altogether, 11 projects from Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru competed for the award, which offered a total of US$ 3.5 thousand to the first three winners.

The winning solution was the “Amazon Indigenous Health Route”, from the Hivos organization. The second place was the project for the creation of a higher education course in BioTrade by the Amazon Regional University Ikiam, from Ecuador. In third place was the proposal for the standardization of molecular techniques for the detection of Sars-CoV2 E and RdRP genes in clinical samples with suspected Covid-19, also from the Ikiam University.


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